Besayda Soto La Chica Latina


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Besayda Soto is from Yabucoa, PR "La Ciudad del Azucar" Azucarera, more than sweet. Beasyda is a Libra who works as interpreter for many law firms.  She also is a Bartender. Love to dance, listen to music and like to spend time with friends when she is not in front of a camera lense modeling.

I believe Yabucoa has been well represented. 

Yabucoa belonged to the Taíno region of Guayaney, which covered a portion of the southeast region of Puerto Rico. The region was led by cacique Güaraca. After the Spanish colonization, the region of Yabucoa belonged to Humacao, and its territory was mostly used for cattle and farming. Yabucoa, as a town, was founded in October 3, 1793 when Don Manuel Colón and his wife, Catalina Morales Pacheco, donated the lands to the people

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