Rochester, NY 1st Fashion Week



Rochester Fashion Week
By Jimmy Falu
The best of all of Rochester, Shawn Dunwoody got the right mix with Meghan Mundy and Chantiza Stern to orchestrate a new era on fashion in Rochester, NY.
With no time to plan, the Rochester Fashion Week stared to take shape as Shawn Dunwoody started to answer challenges of connecting local designers with local boutiques and also to diversify the world of fashion in Rochester.
They team up with Elaine Spaull, Executive Director for the Center for Youth and to benefit the Center for Youth's Chrysalis House were homeless teen mothers are living and working to finish their education and learn new life skills.
bring out all area of society knocking on doors Shawn Dunwoody went to local boutiques were he showcase his art work and asked them if they carried local designer clothing soon became know that there was a disconnection between local designers and the boutiques around the area, he soon discover an opportunity for local artists their talent and shop owners to showcase their merchandise.

Special Thanks to:

Shawn Dunwoody, Chantiza Spell, Meghan Mundy, Romolo Celli, Arthuro Hoyte, Oliver Quillia, Brandon Vick

Autor: Jimmy Falu